Delta R&D, Inc. - the Theory , 7th Edition
ISBN # 1-895063-02-7
ISSN # 1708-3397
Philosophy Incorporated:
Our Product Is Thought
The First and Only Objective Philosophy Exploring the Universe

The Journey Begins

As with the early explorers like Magellian, Delta R&D, Inc. is my vessel, with which, I will explore - explore the universe. The Delta R&D, Inc is the theory that is the vessel. A vessel that is founded in, and yet encompasses objective philosophy - a real enigma! An enigma that has been developing since October of 1989.

Major Aspects of the Theory
 1. Delta R&D, Inc.- The Theory/Thesis
 2. Astronomy & Physics Institutue
  1. SEP - Space Exploration Program
  2. SEP/NASA Partnership
  4. Astronomy & Physics internet Society
 3. Environmental/Earth Sciences Institute
 4. Akadhmia : Private University
  1. Undergrad vStudent Center
  2. Grad & Post-doc vStudent Center
  3. Professor/Researcher vCampus
  4. St. Nektarios School of Theology
  5. Univeristy Press
  6. Harp Records Inc.
 5. Cybernetics Institute
  1. Medical Science
  2. Medical Science IRB/FDA
  3. Medical Science Fund
  4. The Good Samaritan Online Medical Clinic
 6. Byzantine & Antiquities Studies Institute
  1. HOCNA
  2. HOCNA & the Orthodox
  3. Byzantine & Antiquities Studies - Student Group
  4. Youth Group
 7. Democracy Institute
  1. Democratic Earth
    1. Court of Justice
    2. Central Bank
    3. Social Services - 1)Main , 2)Homeless
 8. Finance & Securities Institute
(see the Central Bank of Democratic Earth

7th Edition
Published by Akadhmia University Press

This website is a WebPublication, of the theory, that is Delta R& D, Inc., to which content will be add on regular basis.

Author/Scientist: Dr. Daniel Carras, PhD, DAstPhy, DMSc, MD
Voicemail # (309)401-6967
87 Telson Road
Markham, Ontario
Canada, L3R-1E4